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Ebook #3 The ultimate cold turkey survival guide for Linux Mint 18 is finished. You can purchase it over at
Over 250+ chapters. Fully certified for Mint 18.

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Both ebooks are now sold through, Apple iBooks and Barnes and Noble Nook. (the original ebook is no longer available for download through this site mainly because the 2nd ebook contains everything the 1st ebook had and tons more). Due to the brutal fees charged by Amazon there is no plan to sell a Kindle version (mobi format) using Amazon's service. However, you can buy the ebook from and use Calibre for Linux to convert the ePub into Kindle (mobi) format and upload to your Kindle device using usb.

This ebook is not your typical book. It is not just for reading. You will be copying and pasting right out of the ebook into a terminal at times. I highly recommend that you purchase the ebook from and view it in Linux using Calibre or Sigil. Sigil is an epub editor. Be careful not to change/modify the book if using Sigil.

The Super Edition is fully illustrated with 193 chapters.
It covers more complex subjects like making your own custom ramdisk.

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To install Sigil to Mint 17:

(PPA Website:

Open a terminal and copy and paste:
>sudo add-apt-repository ppa:i2p.packages/i2p
>sudo apt-get update
>sudo apt-get install sigil

SeaburyNorton ( It's a great book! I'm a linux intermediate, and still found much to use.

Also, a special thanks to for providing techinal information on their CrossOver(TM) product for the book as well as information on the up and coming directx 11 and 64bit support for linux.

I have 35 years of experience in the computer field. I used Microsoft Windows for my Desktop from 1998 until 2014. After seeing Windows 8 I knew I needed to abandon ship. One day, when I could not download not even one free application off the Internet that wasn't malware, toolbar, and spyware infected anymore I left for good. I could not even download a simple video plugin from a Fortune 500 company without having my web browser being toolbar'd (you know which one). The day I signed a EULA from my Antivirus software that said they could upload my personal files to their server as part of preventing viruses I blew my top. That and UEFI SecureBoot had steam coming outa my ears.


This ebook series began with "Linux Mint 17 - Full and Painless Migration for Anyone", which led to a super edition called "Linux Mint 17 - Abandon Microsoft Today", and now culminates with "Linux Mint 18 - The Ultimate Cold Turkey Survival Guide". This book is the 3rd journal of my complete and full conversion to using Linux Mint exclusively over a period of three years now. The amount of knowledge and chapters has grown with each ebook. Written from the perspective of a Windows user gone cold turkey this ebook series intends to answer all of the common questions you would have after migrating to Linux. Everything from handling hard drives, installing the OS, updates, installing the best video driver, elevating privileges, and how to install software. Plus matters of comfort like Watching TV, Netflix, Shockwave Flash, and video editing. Advanced issues like viewing hardware, checking for bad blocks, and full and fast drive encryption and secure deletion. There is something for everyone in this series, from the newbie to the experienced Linux user. This 3rd ebook is the most complete I have ever written covering the changes in Linux tech such as SystemD, changes to APT, support for modern hardware, UEFI and GPT, power management, AMD going full open source, and Firefox supporting All new Emergency chapters for those special moments when Linux Mint won't boot. QEMU with GPU Passthrough as a gaming alternative is now covered plus updated info on WINE and CrossOver. More complete printer/scanner/multifunction chapters that cover HP proprietary plugins and how to download them. Support for those who use Teamviewer on keeping yourself safe. How to download entire youtube playlists is covered. A new extensive Security section with advanced blacklisting techniques with two perl scripts to make it easier. Blueray compression from the shell with examples for recording VHS tapes or any video source. And though the chapter list may look like the previous book, it all has been reworked for Mint 18 and modernized and expanded.

If your jumping in head first, cold turkey, into Linux you need a friend. This ebook is your friend.

Sincerely, Roger

About the author

The author is a 35 year veteran of the computer field. Having started as a computer programmer at the age of 16 he then went on to form a software company, work as a computer programmer for accounting software, work as a PC repair man and Microsoft Certified Professional (A+, Server/Desktop Pro 2000, Windows XP), a Linux Administrator for 3 years, and spent 5 years as a Fortune 500 Unix Administrator. He is also addicted to Fallout like it's crack. Streaming on twitch now and then he dabbles in all sorts of things computer related. You may find him hiding in the corner on various twitch channels. Particularly of the Doom kind. Recently, he built a 1992 Nissan 240sx Hatchback. It only took 3 years of blood, sweat, and tears, 6 junkyard cars to find all the parts, a body kit, an engine rebuild, and lots of paint and PlastiDip. The author is also a collector of Sugar Loaf brand Betty Boop dolls. To his knowledge he is the only one to own them all.

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